A slightly different introduction to R

This is my tutorial on how to get started with R for data analysis.

Part I introduces R and RStudio, and then we dwelves directly into importing data and working with data frames. There are also slides from a seminar I held about this.

Part II introduces plotting with ggplot2 and a section on saving data.

Part III is about organising code into scripts and Sweave reports. I encourage the R novice to look at this part even if you believe that writing scripts is difficult and not for you.

Part IV, goes into R’s statistics functions, with some linear models. There are slides and some exercises from a second seminar combining material from part II and part IV.

Part V talks about interpreting linear models with the aid of more plots and simple simulations.

There should be at least one more part, and I might go back and rework the previous episodes as well.

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