Summer in the lab

Dear diary,

The best thing about summer in the lab is that one can blast the Sweeny Todd and Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtracks as loud as one pleases *. Blogging has been and will be a bit sparse, but I’m having a fun summer so far in the lab finishing up the lab work of my second slightly bigger project. We’re also working through our last paper that got some really knowledgeable, thorough, and quite critical review comments …

My halftime seminar will be in August. That’s a pretty scary thought. Well, the seminar itself is decidedly non-scary; it’s rather the fact that I’ve been going for two and a half years. I’m tempted to write it up as a blog post, but I think I’ll wait and write something when the next paper comes out!

Also, I’m attending the Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology in Lisbon in August. If you’re there, stop by my poster for domestication genomics goodness and to say hello to me and my crocheted chicken mascot!


(Made and photographed by Anna Nygren.)

*) That is, I’m not alone here, but everyone here this week has good taste.